Reading plans for 2016

First off I want to say that I have just under two weeks now until the spring semester begins and I am having the hardest time getting motivated to work on my thesis. All I can do right now is write the lit review and the methodology, which I basically already did when I wrote the proposal. I can’t collect any data until the semester begins, and no data collection = no data analysis = no writing those sections whatsoever. So that means two things: A) I probably won’t graduate until the summer, but that’s fine, and B) I just don’t wanna do the things right now. Sure, my lit review needs work and I need to change the methodology from “here is what I propose doing” to “here is what I am doing”, but I have all next week to do that! Right?

On to the bookish things… partly as a way to procrastinate, I have been thinking a lot lately about my reading, how it can be better, how I can spend less, how I can get to books I really want to read, things like that. I’ve also been thinking about ways that I can write more without taking too much time, so there might be some small changes here, but hopefully they will make it so that I can post more often about more books. Over the summer I read about 40 books and wrote about nearly all of them. Then from September through December I read 22 books and only wrote about 4 or 5 of them.

I read some really great books this fall (Slade House and the first two books of the Queen of the Tearling series) and I would have liked to write about them but I just didn’t have time. Instead I wrote about books I felt like I had to review, which should maybe be another resolution for this year – only request to review books I am genuinely interested in reading. 

Either way, I’ve decided that I am going to try to write more about what I’ve read, even during this semester when I’m going to be crazy busy with writing and grading. That means that instead of posting individual reviews I might have a blend of wrap-up and review, meaning reviews will be shorter but hopefully still helpful in reminding me what I’ve read and how I felt about it. And, let’s be honest, lots of us don’t have the patience to read longer reviews, even though mine are generally only around 1,000 words.

I decided to do a couple of reading challenges for the year, including Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge (my Goodreads list here) and Around the Year in 52 Books. I’ll be doubling up as much as I can with these challenges because otherwise I would have no room to chose what I want to read in the moment. I’m not 100% dedicated to the second challenge because it is really a lot of books and between these two challenges I’ll have very little time to read something that isn’t on one of those TBRs. But, in making my list for the first challenge I’ve already been looking into books that I normally never would have, and that’s never a bad thing.

This plan-making is all well and good but I’m not very good at sticking to plans when it comes to reading. I like making lists, however, and this did give me a way to procrastinate just a little bit longer on my thesis. So there’s that!


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