Book buying ban?

Even though I haven’t been posting here much, or on Instagram much, I’ve been buying books consistently. As in, every weekend I go to the bookstore, and rarely come out with less than 3 books. Every weekend.

Funny story: I went to my local bookstore a few weeks ago with a friend, and while she was paying and I was still browsing elsewhere, the cashier asked my friend if she had an account (you get a discount for trading in used books). My friend said no, but another employee who was there said, “oh she came in with Leslie, just put it on her account”.


I don’t know any of the bookstore employees personally, or outside of the bookstore, we don’t even talk that often when I’m there because I always have way too many books I want to buy anyway.  But now I feel a little famous, in a book way.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I need to stop buying books for a while, and reduce my TBR. Many of my New Year’s resolutions were related to not buying books, but… it’s not going to so well. I decided that my new rule is this:

  • I am only allowed to go to the bookstore and buy books for every ten books I read.

This, I think, is doable. I’m averaging a 2-3 books a week, which means once every 3-4 weeks I can buy new ones. And, ridiculous as it sounds, that will have a pretty serious effect on my ratio of read-to-unread books. By my best estimate I’ve bought around 25 books in the last month, and in that same period I read 10, which means that even restricting myself to buying once every ten books, I’m doing good. See? I can math.

I wrote a post a while back about not liking book buying bans, but there is also a point where I have to recognize that I have a problem, and that even if I stopped buying books completely, it would take me over a year to read all that I have. At my 3-a-week pace.


I have a good feeling about this rule and I’m not sure how long I will make myself stick to it, but we’ll see how the first couple of months go. Wish me luck!


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