Month: January 2017

Random update

So, once again I have neglected this blog a bit. I haven’t stopped reading or writing or even writing about what I’m reading, I’m just doing it on tumblr a lot more lately.

And speaking of that… I have completely separated this blog from that one, for various reasons, and won’t keep them linked anymore. I’ve been writing stuff that’s more personal, and I just don’t want people who know me in real life to have easy access to that. And interaction with others is just a lot easier on other platforms (besides WordPress).

I might return to writing more on here in the future, but for now, it will definitely be less.


Bookish resolutions – 2017

This coming year I’ve got a few new goals for myself when it comes to books and reading. Based on my failure to reduce my TBR or control my spending, I’ve reduced the number of resolutions to be more realistic. This year is about quality over quantity.