Bookish resolutions – 2017

This coming year I’ve got a few new goals for myself when it comes to books and reading. Based on my failure to reduce my TBR or control my spending, I’ve reduced the number of resolutions to be more realistic. This year is about quality over quantity.

  1. Read more books by writers of color. Last year I started keeping track of how many women and POC I read, and while I wasn’t surprised to find my female-authored books at around 60%, POC was more like 13%, which isn’t great. I’d like to get that closer to 25%. I should probably expand this to also reading more LGBTQ+ and disabled authors as well. The categories in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge this coming year will go a long way to helping me achieve this goal, as they are going to force me way outside of my comfort zone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to DNF books! I feel like I waste time forcing myself through a book I’m not interested in. I hate giving up on a book, especially when I’ve paid for it, but it never happens that I suddenly gain interest in a book 200 pages in, or at the end. If I am struggling with a book, I’ll give it until about 50-75 pages until I put it aside.
  3. Find some way to restrict how many books I buy. Last year I (briefly) decided to restrict myself to buying books only after I had read 10 that I already own. This worked well for almost a month, and I think I should try it again. I think I would exclude pre-orders or highly-anticipated new releases from this rule; there are so many books that I am looking forward to reading, it’s unrealistic to think I’d actually wait to buy them if I happened to be in the middle of my 10-book limit.
  4. Finish reading Harry Potter. I think I may try to get this one done early, since it was on my list last year. I don’t think I really need to explain this one.
  5. Don’t be so concerned with what genres I’m reading. This comes from this weird thing I’ve experienced, going from reading exclusively classics and literary fiction to reading quite a bit of fantasy and YA. I was considering making a post dedicated to this topic, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my lit degree and how that (among other things) made it difficult for me to enjoy reading certain authors or genres without feeling weirdly ashamed of it. Like I have to work to justify and defend the things I like. Which, screw that.
  6. Reread more books. This resolution has to do with quality over quantity. Goodreads, in a weird way, discourages rereading books with their yearly goal and the fact that you can’t count rereads. This year I read two different books three times, and it was awesome. There is something about rereading a favorite book that can’t be beat. Not only do you know it’s a book you love, but you get so much more out of it, you’re more invested from the beginning, it’s just… so fun. Plus, if I were to pick 20 books that I really want to read right now, they would mostly be rereads. It’s just the mood I’m in.
  7. Worry less about my Goodreads goal. I’m still going to set my goal fairly high (75 or so), I just don’t need to push myself so much. What’s the point in reading if the plot of a book I just read last month is already a blur amongst the other 20 books I’ve read recently? Also, with my goal of rereading more books, my goal can’t be as high as it was last year.
  8. Rearrange my books & bookshelves. This goal is kinda… weird? But I am more than likely moving to a bigger place in June, and I already have visions of a room with matching bookshelves that are all together and a comfy chair… Right now I have 8 mis-matched bookshelves that are in 4 different rooms, which is ok and more than many people have, but it’d be nice to just have a wall of all my books.

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