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I guess I have to start somewhere

So I decided early this morning, as soon as I woke up, that “Books, in other words” would make a great name for the idea I have had in my head for over a year. To my surprise and delight, that name is not taken pretty much on any social media site, so it is mine, all mine.

This idea I have had is to document what I read, not only by making a list but by writing about my reactions to them. I read a lot, for myself, for class (French and TESL MA), for work (writing tutor and instructor), and it all becomes a mess of stories and information in my head after a while.

For example: I have read four books in as many days and that makes me happy because my TBR pile is, well… it’s gigantic right now. It always has been, but for some reason this summer I have decided to go extra crazy. I need a book buying ban soon, probably. But back to the point, which is that I need to talk about this! About all of this stuff going on on pages and pages of books, for myself, so looking back hopefully I won’t think to myself, I really liked that book, I wonder why…

So this is books, in other words, in my words. It also means that books, in other words, save my sanity.