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Fave books of 2016

So you know how I was going to do all these lovely categories of books that I loved this year? Well I’ve done two (plus my least favorite), and I can already feel myself wanting to double up on books in the other categories I haven’t written yet, so… I’m just going to skip ahead to my faves of the year. And what do you know, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is fave books of the year. I chose to include books I’ve read this year, not necessarily ones that were released this year.

These are not going to be in any sort of order, because that is just asking too much. I have some duplicates on here from the previous two lists (fave series and fave literary fiction)




Ten books I’d buy right now…

…if someone gave me an unlimited gift card. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a good idea for people with self-control. People who don’t act like money grows on trees and find ways to constantly acquire new books every week, despite having put themselves on book-buying bans.

That’s not me.

So, what I decided to do is think of books that I would buy, if they existed or if there wasn’t some other obstacle besides money. Because when it comes to me and books, there are few reasons why I don’t/can’t get my hands on them.


Ten books set outside the U.S.

Top Ten Tuesday!!!

(I had some recent good/interesting job news, so expect a lot of exclamation marks in my life for the time being!!!)

This week it’s ten books that take place outside of the U.S., which honestly, having studied a lot of French literature, is pretty easy for me. The hard part is picking the best ones. I tried to throw some in there that I’ve never mentioned before. Here goes!


Top ten books…

It has been months since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday post. This was partly because the topics didn’t interest me, and partly because life. I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging since the spring semester ended, but wouldn’t you know, I’ve still been pretty busy. I keep waiting for the moment when life calms down. I’m half way through my summer teaching job, so hopefully soon? We’ll see.

This week’s topic is top ten books with under 2,000 ratings on Goodreads. This is a pretty interesting way of finding good books that aren’t widely read, and I was a bit surprised at some that came up for me. Here goes.  (more…)

Ten bookish resolutions for 2016

Well it’s that time of year again when everyone decides that they are going to change the way they have lived their lives for years and try to be better in one way or another. I know most resolutions fail but I still make them and give it a whirl, because I don’t see anything wrong with trying to be a better person, whether it lasts a few weeks, a few months, or succeeds and lasts the whole year. That’s still time spent putting effort into something we want to change in a positive way, whether it is permanent or not.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is ten bookish resolutions, and given the amount of books I have bought and added to my TBR in the last six months, it’s probably a good idea to give myself some direction! I have 12 resolutions because I like having lots to do, I like having goals and making lists. So here goes:


Top 10 most anticipated books in 2016

This time last year I had no idea what books were coming out in 2015. I was so entrenched in my idea that books were an investment of my time, an investment that I didn’t want to waste, and so I felt that if a book wasn’t a classic or hadn’t won the Booker/National Book Award/Orange Prize/some other prestigious award, it probably wouldn’t be worth the risk of wasting my time. It was kinda weird and ultimately made me a huge book snob and miss out on a lot of really fun reading.

Well, times change, my friend, and I’m happy to say that I have expanded my horizons and now I am reading more than ever because I have stopped being such a dang book snob.

All this means that I actually do know some of the books coming out in the near-ish future and that some of them I am very very excited to see! The original Top Ten Tuesday category was for top ten books coming out in the first half of 2016 but I’m going to list any book I am excited for because as time goes I will inevitably discover more soon-to-be-published books that I can list in June.