Month: May 2016

What’s a book budget?

I went to Seattle recently with my husband’s family and I set myself a budget for buying books. I went over by double, because that’s what happens on vacation: I act like rules no longer apply and like the money I spend on vacation isn’t actually¬†real money. I went to a few used bookstores in Pike Place Market, and then took a bus up to Elliot Bay Book Company, which was glorious! I have a good local bookstore where I live but it’s nothing like that. The nearest is Tattered Cover, which is fabulous and well-known in its own right, but even still I think I prefer Elliot Bay. Anyway, then I came home I bought some more books, and I swear that soon I will start using the library more and¬†stop spending money on books. I even downloaded Overdrive and Hoopla and started putting some books on hold. Cross your fingers.



Well, I made it. Almost.

I didn’t intend to take such a long break since my last post, but given the nature of the topic, I think it’s understandable. This is finals week at my university and so I’m nearly there!

I have two great pieces of news – the first is that I successfully defended my MA thesis earlier this week. I have revisions to complete, which, while expected, also makes me want to cry a bit. But that’s one more step closer to really being done. And I have a month and a half to make those revisions. I can handle that.