Month: July 2016

Anticipated Releases – Fall 2016

Last year sometime I created a list of my top ten anticipated releases of 2016, which wasn’t actually very conscious of many things coming out in the latter half. Nor was it conscious of literary fiction, in general. I decided to update the list based on things I’ve discovered since then. Until I made this list I didn’t realize how many good things are coming out, so I’m really excited!



Books I want to read by the end of summer

I decided quite quickly last year when I started this blog that having a strict TBR is not a good idea for me. This is for many reasons: constantly purchasing new books, adding to my gigantic Goodreads TBR, wanting to read books I’ve owned for a long time, being a mood reader, and also just the fact that I’ve been trying to read more genres.

However… there are some books that I would like to get to sooner than others, and so I thought I would make a list of them and explain why it is that I want to read them so much. I have a few weeks before the fall semester starts, which is what I consider to be the unofficial end of summer, summer being that period of unlimited, uninterrupted book-reading, in theory.


Man Booker longlist

Today the longlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced, and as with last year (and ever since I knew it was a thing) I’ll be reading at least some of the books and reviewing them here on the blog! I happened to have read one of them this week, and I quickly put five others on hold at the library, so I should be able to do this in the next few weeks. Plus, I’m on a rampage lately, reading a book every day or two (yay, month off!), so it shouldn’t take me too long to get through the ones that I have available to me now.

This is coming at a good time because I have been craving some more adult, literary fiction lately. Not adult in that sense, but in the, “hey, this book is full of grown-ups!” kind of way. Nothing against what I’ve been reading lately because it has been very entertaining, but it has been a lot of YA, middle grade, and summery reads.


Read-a-thon update

So it’s day four of my current read-a-thons, and I’m doing… ok. To be honest, the only reason that I am doing as well as I am is because I started my first book on Sunday night.

So far I have:

  • Read 615 pages
  • Finished 2 books (The Girl With All the Gifts and Anya’s Ghost)
  • Completed 2 challenges
  • Watched my book-to-movie adaptation (The BFG)

I think that’s pretty good, considering the amount of work I’ve had this week. It’s the last week of the summer class I’m teaching, which means final projects and grading. Some things have been changing for my upcoming job, and I had a dream that I walked into one of my classrooms and it had stadium seating (read: 200 students) instead of the regular 20-25 person classroom I should have, and I was just like… how the hell am I supposed to grade all these students’ papers?! Luckily it was just a dream. Suffice to say, work has been on my mind.

After tomorrow life should finally start to calm down and I can really get some momentum going for these two read-a-thons. Once I get more of this ever-elusive time, I’ll write down my reactions to the books I’ve read. (The Girl With All the Gifts? Whoa.) Next I’m going to read The BFG since I just saw the movie yesterday, and then I’ll have four more books to read by the end of the day Sunday! I think I can do it. I’m pretty sure. We’ll see.

Ten books set outside the U.S.

Top Ten Tuesday!!!

(I had some recent good/interesting job news, so expect a lot of exclamation marks in my life for the time being!!!)

This week it’s ten books that take place outside of the U.S., which honestly, having studied a lot of French literature, is pretty easy for me. The hard part is picking the best ones. I tried to throw some in there that I’ve never mentioned before. Here goes!